High Net Worth Divorce Cases

Applying for a divorce is not necessarily a complex process however divorcing parties also need to work towards finalising their financial and property matters. Clients with significant financial resources from investment portfolios, those who have valuable assets such as large farms, businesses, share portfolios, pensions, superannuation and family trusts for example or those who are employed in a high paying job will benefit from seeking early legal advice from our experienced team. Having a divorce lawyer is highly advisable as there is a risk of losing out financially from trying to deal with matters self represented. Contact our expert team for an appointment.

Property Division and Financial Settlements

Parties will need to work towards dividing their assets after separation or divorce. During negotiations or Family Court proceedings each party must provide full and detailed financial disclosure to the other party. This includes disclosing bank statements, business accounts, details about investments, rental income from investment properties, superannuation or pension funds and may involve obtaining valuation of vehicles, properties, jewellery, businesses, properties and much more. We recommend obtaining legal advice before any financial settlement is reached.

Parenting and Children

It is preferable for parents to discuss and agree upon arrangements for the care of their children after separation or divorce. However with difficult and intractable cases, or cases where there has been family violence or where drugs and alcohol or other addictions are present expert family law assistance from our team at Robinson Family Lawyers is recommended.

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Violence Restraining Orders
If you have experienced acts of abuse or feel intimidated or have been threatened by your ex partner consider taking out a violence restraining order (VRO) against them for your protection.
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