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After separation parents often find it very difficult to reach agreement on arrangements for care of the children. We can assist with the numerous child related issues which can cause problems after separation such as time spent with the children, residence issues including relocation, handover arrangements, care and protection matters.

We are very mindful that post separation child related disputes can be extremely stressful and emotional for parents and we highly recommend seeking legal advice and representation.

We work hard to resolve  complex Parenting and Child related disputes where possible via negotiation and mediation with the other party.

If an application to the Family Court becomes unavoidable  we always consider the impact of  the court proceedings on the children and seek to promote cooperative and child focused parenting.

Sadly in some cases family violence is a significant problem and will preclude negotiation and mediation.

We are also very experienced criminal lawyers and provide legal advice and representation for Violence Restraining Order matters and related criminal matters such as breaches of Violence Restraining Orders and assaults.

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Senior lawyers in our Perth law firm are available to help and advise you on all matters relating to family law including divorce and break up, child custody, violence restraining orders, asset division and much more.
Divorce Law
Our divorce lawyers are here to give you the advice and understanding you need both before and after the divorce.
Violence Restraining Orders
If you have experienced acts of abuse or feel intimidated or have been threatened by your ex partner consider taking out a violence restraining order (VRO) against them for your protection.
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