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Mila Mortimer

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Mila has extensive experience as a family lawyer as she has represented individuals from all parts of Australia and overseas in a great variety of complex financial, property and parenting matters arising from the breakdown of their family relationship.

She has dealt with many highly challenging emotionally charged parenting matters including cases where there have been allegations of abuse, family violence, interstate or international travel relocation applications and matters where urgent recovery orders have been required.

Mila also has significant experience working on financial and property matters related to separation and division of the assets and liabilities of a relationship, including highly disputed matters involving extensive property portfolios, companies, family businesses, trusts, shares and superannuation splitting orders for example among a range of property issues.

Mila actively encourages parties to negotiate if the circumstances of the parties allow prior to commencing an application in the Family Court as she is highly committed to exploring all options to resolving disputes by consent thereby avoiding costly contested and protracted Family Court proceedings.

If negotiation and mediation is an option Mila has considerable experience representing her client at mediation style conferences. There is much benefit to be gained from the parties reaching an agreement outside of court and Mila has the skills to assist and facilitate a resolution of property, financial or parenting matters amicably between parties during mediation.

In cases where the involvement of the Family Court is required due to the nature of the differences and dispute between the parties Mila is an unflinchingly strong legal advocate and her thorough and strategic approach to dealing with court proceedings is greatly appreciated by her clients.

She has extensive experience representing parties in highly conflicted Family Court proceedings and is genuinely dedicated to achieving the very best outcome for each and every client. Her preparation and experience and knowledge she brings to each case is testament to her single minded pursuit of successfully and where possible swiftly guiding the case to conclusion.

Mila is also a senior criminal lawyer and has a great deal of experience dealing with Restraining Order matters including appearing for either applicant or respondent at trial, breaches of violence restraining orders, Care and Protection matters, making bail applications and appearing for clients in complex trials and sentencing hearings.

Experience / Qualifications:

  • 2010 – Bachelor of Law / Arts and a Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Law
  • 2011 – admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor at the Supreme Court of Western Australia