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Our family lawyers Perth conduct a comprehensive family law practice in Perth WA which deals with divorce, separation, breakdown of defacto relationships, applications to commence or vary spousal maintenance and adult child maintenance, negotiating property and financial settlements, parenting disputes such as the care, residence and welfare arrangements for children, consent order or Form 11 Applications, Family Violence Restraining Orders and much more.

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Family Law Services

Our family lawyers specialise in finding solutions to complex family law problems and while we work hard with clients to resolve their parenting, property and financial disputes through negotiated agreements where necessary we are tough litigators within the court process.

Our firm represents clients from very diverse backgrounds and places of residence including Perth, regional Western Australia the Eastern States and International locations.

While we work with high net worth clients we warmly welcome the opportunity to assist clients with modest financial assets. Our firm uses the depth and breadth of our collective expertise to provide a personalised, expert yet discrete and compassionate legal service for each and every client.

We are also highly experienced Criminal Lawyers.

No case is too small or insignificant for our exceptional lawyers although for highly complex matters we regularly consult with specialists and Family Law Counsel. We can offer a variety of fee payment arrangements and for some areas of work we offer fixed fees. View all our Family Law Services

Divorce Matters

If you need to know where you stand legally before or after a divorce or de facto separation, we will be happy to advise you.

Divorce can bring with it many questions such as how to divide the family assets, how to deal with debts of the relationship, who will have custody of the children, visiting rights and spousal maintenance, what will happen to the family home and many more issues.

Getting these questions settled may take some time, but you need to know all the legal ramifications so you can make the right decisions.

We will advise and guide you in these divorce law matters.

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Property Division And Financial Settlements

Financial and property issues are matters dealt with by the Family Court

It can also cover financial arrangements, division of property and maintenance of property. We can help you with these very important issues to ensure the best result for you and for your children.

Property division and financial settlements

If you and your ex own property or any other kinds of assets, it is imperative to work out an equitable division. In many cases this can be settled out of court if parties can be reasonable and this must be tried before taking the matter to court.

Our family lawyers can give you a great deal of advice and guidance so you can get these problems settled. Read more about property division and financial settlements.

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Memberships & Associations
Family Law Practitioners’ Association of Western Australia | Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

Divorce Law
Our highly experienced divorce lawyers can help you with your divorce.
Violence Restraining Orders
If you need help due to family violence you may ask us to draft a VRO application for you.
Consent Order Applications
Consent Orders have the same binding legal effect as orders made after a Court hearing.
Property Division and Financial Settlements
Financial and property issues are matters dealt with by the Family Court in order to resolve a dispute about how property is to be divided after separation between married couple.
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